Visitor’s ABC

We want you to have a memorable and exciting visit to the Mining Museum, which is why we have gathered information that should be kept in mind when visiting the Mining Museum.

  • The excursion to the underground mine lasts up to 1.5 hours.

  • It is necessary for the groups to book the excursion time in advance and to confirm in writing the names of the participants of the underground mine excursion, the schedule of the planned excursion with special requests.
  • For pre-booked groups, please confirm the time of arrival and the size of the group the day before the tour.
  • Individual visitors have the opportunity to order a guide for an additional fee or wait for a group of 10 to be filled.
  • The Estonian Mining Museum has the right not to allow drunk visitors underground.
  • The Estonian Mining Museum reserves the right to add visitors to the tour groups if necessary.
  • All visitors to the underground mine are registered by name and instructed before going underground.
  • The Mining Museum has the right to change the schedule of groups visiting the underground mine if safety conditions so require.
  • Children in the underground museum must be under the supervision and responsibility of their parents. Large groups are divided into smaller groups for safety reasons. Each group of children must be accompanied by a teacher or other adult who moves at the end of the group throughout the tour, ensuring that the group stays together.

  • The group is accompanied by an underground museum guide. When ordering a visit to the enrichment plant, the group is also accompanied by a guide.
  • In the case of groups of pupils, there must be one adult escort for every 10 children, who can enter the Mining Museum free of charge.
  • When you come to the museum, please wear comfortable clothes and closed toe shoes. In underground passages, the temperature is +6 to +8 degrees all year round and water can drip from the ceiling. Therefore, we will provide each visitor with a warm jacket and helmet for the tour.

The duration and exact schedule of the visit depends on the individual order of each group, as we can also offer programs for several days. For example, we offer our visitors the opportunity to have a part of a real miner’s lunch underground, take part in the adventure experiences offered by our partners or extend the visit time with follow-up excursions. The whole visit to the Mining Museum lasts approximately 4 hours, and includes a visit to the enrichment plant, the old main building, the underground passages and the premises.