Company events and venues

In addition to the exciting and memorable adventure packages, the unique environment of the mining museum provides an opportunity to organize conferences, seminars, training, and other events.

The conference hall in the administrative building can accommodate about 50 people. Here we can help you organize conferences, seminars, lectures, meetings, and various parties and receptions.

Freshly renovated glass hall of the enrichment plan together with the café, occupies the two open floors of the main building and provides a flexible arrangement for various parties, receptions, conferences, and other large-scale events.

Rent fees
Administrative building (White House) seminar room 60 €/ h
Enrichment plant 1st floor hall 100 €/ h
Enrichment plant 1st and 2nd floor hall 1200 €/24 hrs
Enrichment plant seminar room  50 €/ h
Boiler house 300 €/24 hrs



The hostel of the Estonian Mining Museum is located on the 3rd floor of the conference center. Rooms for 2-6 people are comfortably and simply furnished in a post-Soviet style.

In the hostel, there is a common sitting room, toilet, a shower and kitchen. Each room has free Wi-Fi and free parking in front of the house.

You can also book a Finnish sauna.

If you want to cancel your reservation, please let us know at least one week in advance! If the visit is canceled with less than one week’s notice, the Museum has the right to ask for a compensation.

Accommodation 1 night 18 €
Accommodation 1 night with breakfast 24 €
Finnish sauna 80 €/2 hrs
Camping area for 1 tent 8 €


There is a stylish café on the 1st floor of the enrichment plant, where you can have lunch between adventures. The cafe seats 28 people at a time.

For larger birthdays, banquets, or receptions, we offer catering on the 1st floor of the enrichment plant, which can accommodate up to 100 people.

For events, we offer a party catering service from snacks to main courses and a coffee.

Underground miners’ canteen

In the authentic miners’ canteen, located in the old mining shaft, we offer the opportunity to eat just like real miners did for decades.

From the serving table, which moves along the rails, miner’s soup, miner’s bread with bacon, and, if desired, a stronger alcoholic beverage are offered.

Underground catering is by pre-booking only!

Miner’s lunch menu:

  • goulash with rice
  • miner’s soup
  • sweet pastry
  • berry juice

Special order:

  • sandwich with bacon
  • alcoholic beverage “Kaevuri Kange” (Miner’s Stiff & Strong)
Underground catering  
I Miner’s lunch (soup, pastry, drink)

10 €

II Miner’s lunch (steak, pastry, drink) 12 €

Birthdays and anniversaries

We offer memorable moments to celebrate birthdays.

A special day package takes you on an adventure and ends with a miner-style festive menu. For a real experience, we will wear helmets, miners’ jackets and then go down to underground mining passages. A real experience and a memorable day await the party company in the passages at a depth of 8 meters!

Together, we will follow in the footsteps of real miners and get a part of their daily activities deep underground. During the underground trip, the party company will pass through the miners’ workplaces and get acquainted with various underground equipment and mining technology.

The party company can have fun with an underground mining train! As is customary for miners, the underground adventure ends with a delicious feast and cake. The miner-style menu is designed for both children and adults.

What we offer:

  • rent rooms or premises
  • accommodation in post-Soviet style hostel with breakfast
  • catering for lunch and dinner or for a party
  • catering in the underground restaurant, where we offer hearty lunches and drinks
  • sauna with rest and party rooms

We help to plan, prepare, manage events as well as offer entertainment.

Rent for private persons
Administrative building (White House) seminar room/hall 30 €/h
Enrichment plant’s 1st floor hall 50 €/h

Team building events

If you feel that working with your colleagues has become a dull routine, then it shows that you have not had enough fun!

Alutaguse Matkaklubi helps to breathe new life and energy into teams. We are also happy to lead you to perform adventurous tasks of trust, cooperation, while helping and complementing each other.

Team building events  
Duration of activities: 2-2.5 hrs
Group up to 10 people 225 €
Group up to 20 people 400 €
Group up to 30 people 540 €

Help, help!

We offer the opportunity to practice various first aid cases. We agree on the situations and take into account the nature of the work of your organization and the interests of the client. Participants are divided into victims and first aid providers. Victims must wear clothing that can become dirty and in some cases even break. If necessary, we can help you find the right clothes.

The price depends on the size of the group and the specifics of the cases.

Possibility to book first aid training.