Ida-Viru surprises

You will find Africa or Cambodia in Estonia, only a few hours away – Ida-Virumaa!

Ida-Virumaa is like two in one: next to the most intense adventures in Estonia, you will find a truly relaxing holiday. Children and young people as well as adults, both men and women, will experience! Adventure while resting, rest while on an adventure!

The active tourism companies of Ida-Virumaa have put their backs together and introduced each other together at fairs, in the press, in outdoor advertisements and on the web. If you come to the Mining Museum, take some good time and look for information about other cool places worth visiting in the region.

Adrenator Group

Roadless artificial landscapes offer countless opportunities for nerve-wracking adventures. The Adrenaator Group, which operates on the territory of the Estonian Mining Museum, offers exciting off-road trips to see old mining tours, collapsed shafts, open-cast mine cliffs and excavations of groundwater rapids.

In addition, the nature-loving adventure organizers can take you on a truly physically challenging hike or you can challenge yourself in an interesting and unique open-cast mine landscape, alone or together with a group.

Alutaguse Travel Club

Alutaguse Travel Club unites active people who want to grow their knowledge and cross boundaries while hiking.

Alutaguse Travel Club organizes hikes, camps, mountaineering and various trips in Virumaa.

Aidu Watersports Center

Aidu Watersports Center is a unique artificial landscape built on the site of a former oil shale open-cast mine with a rowing canal that meets international requirements, where you can go on water, in and out of the water or organize top-class sports events. Activities take place on the water, in the water and by the water: rowing, rowing, water moto, diving, fishing, sailing, hiking, etc. Aidu Watersports Center is the best place for world-class sports competitions and for everyone who appreciates an active holiday.

Aidu Watersports Center is located 10 km from the Mining Museum, where you can go canoeing and kayaking, ride a motorboat, go to the floating sauna on the raft, do joint boat trips, etc.

Kiviõli Adventure Center

Kiviõli Adventure Center is located on an old semi-coke hill on the northern side of the city of Kiviõli. In the winter, the center has the longest ski slopes in Estonia and an exciting snowboard park. In summer, there’s an adventure center, downhill courses, a disc golf course and much more.

Services: luggage safari, downhill skiing, downhill, motorcycle center, health trail, accommodation, catering.

Distance from the mining museum: 17 km