Miner’s quick course

Underground tour accompanied by exciting mining stories!

Exemplary students can become miners in one day! The miner’s quick course takes you to a real underground mine, where you can test your mining knowledge and skills!

If you want to get a taste of a real miner’s life, then all you have to do is put on a warm miner´s jacket and go down the aisles 8 meters underground together! Because where else will you be able to see, hear, taste, and feel like those men who worked in harsh underground conditions daily for decades.

The journey is accompanied by amazing mining stories and exciting activities. During the quick course, you will get acquainted with the miners’ workplaces, you can see with your own eyes and touch the mining equipment and ride a real underground train like a miner. By the end of the working day, the good miners who participated in the quick course will be rewarded. An exciting working day underground ends with a refreshing miner’s lunch.

Miner’s quick course  
Duration 2 hrs
Price for small miners 22 €
Price for big miners 30 €
Group size at least 10 people  
The guides speak English and Estonian.  

Miner’s full course

The miner’s full course is a three-part package consisting of an excursion to an underground mine, a refreshing miner’s lunch, and an extreme open-cast mine safari.

To become a miner, you have to go deep underground and to the miner safari on the ground! When you have completed the extreme full course, you can fully consider yourself a real miner.

The adventurous course starts at the Estonian Mining Museum, where you will go on an underground mining trip with our guide. Put on a helmet and go through an underground journey, during which you will learn the basics of mining and the profession of a miner. To become a real miner, it is important to try mining yourself! You will get to see the underground workplaces, try the mining equipment and everyone can ride a real mining train.

While acquiring the profession of a miner, the adventure will take you further on the ground, where you will go on an extreme open-cast mine safari on the edge of the mining passages. Rallying around the edges of the mining passages in SUVs and getting acquainted with the beautiful views of the oil shale open-cast mine is the last stage in acquiring the profession of a miner. A few more good career tips from our guides and you know everything! A refreshing miner’s lunch is part of a hard-working day.

Having completed an extreme full course, you can fully consider yourself a real miner.

Pre-order only!

Miner’s full course  
Duration 3.5 hrs
Group up to 7 people 360 €
Group of 8 – 19 people 870 €

Adventure package: Energy Hit

An active and exciting day for you and your companions at the Mining Museum, which ends with a sauna evening and an overnight stay! The experience is offered in cooperation with the Mining Museum’s partner Adrenaator Grupp.

Underground tour with a guide in the Mining Museum and the enrichment plant

  • Open-cast mine safari in Aidu industrial landscape
  • An adventure trip in nature
  • Sauna and dinner
  • Bed and breakfast

Pre-order only!

Adventure package: Energy hit
Duration 1 day
Groups from 5 people 112 € / person

Romance package

The deepest experience in Estonia is waiting for you! In the Mining Museum, you can enjoy the depth of your feelings 8 meters underground. In addition to the miners’ stories, you will find a unique candlelit mining tour, exhilaration, and catering with a hot spicy drink. Together you can take a miner’s quick course, enjoy the view and get a lot of knowledge about both underground and above-ground mining work.

Romance package for two  100 €

A day with Elron in the Mining Museum for family or friends

Spend a fun day in Kohtla-Nõmme! Come by train from Tallinn to Kohtla-Nõmme, get acquainted with the unique settlement of Kohtla-Nõmme, which has been significantly influenced by the mine, get acquainted with the life of the miner and the main building of the mining museum, which has a large and interactive exposition. In addition, an invigorating miner’s lunch and return home by train!

  • Walking tour “Kohtla-Nõmme 100 years with a guide”

  • White House exhibition “Miner’s apartment and mine office”
  • Guided underground tour
  • Excursion to the enrichment plant on your own
  • The miner’s lunch

Pre-order only!

A day with Elron in the Mining Museum for family or friends
Group up to 5 people 155 €
Group of 6-10 people 310 €

Mole Village

Mole Village is a Christmas program that includes an underground visit and fun activities, a meeting with Santa Claus, and a surprise.

Only in December with pre-booking!

Mole Village is a very nice, fun and unique place where both children and parents can learn a lot of new and interesting things about the most valuable mineral resource of Ida-Viru county, which is of course… Who knows the right answer?

That’s right, it’s brown gold or oil shale!

In the Mole Village, no-one is bored, because there are several playful, practical, and puzzling activities ahead, which help to gain new knowledge ​​and also develop practical skills. Mole Village is exactly as versatile as the real world, only 8 meters underground.

In the three chambers of Mole Kukersite Village:


  • Mole Village visit for one group lasts about 1 hour.
  • The minimum group size is 15 and the maximum is 30 participants.
  • To enter the Mole Kukersite Village, it is necessary to redeem the ticket, which costs 8 euros (one accompanying person for 10 children is free of charge).
  • You can visit the Mole Kukersite Village only if there are at least 15 members in the group.
  • We will announce the times of Mole Village on the website (Christmas and other great times).
  • Moles can be ordered for special events (birthdays, summer days, etc.).
  • When visiting the Mole Kukersite Village, it is not recommended to wear very light clothes.
  • It is 8 degrees in the Mole Village – so dress accordingly!

See you in Mole Kukersite Village!

Mole Village  
Duration 1 hour
Group of 15-30 people 12 € / person